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Два дня назад глубокой ночью на меня нашло просветление по теме Organizational Behaviour, которое материализовалось в виде репорта по аудиту для школы (академический вариант, репорт для клиента, конечно, будет написан простым и понятным английским. Вернее, испанским). Мои одногруппники впечатлились и не исправили ни слова. Вот  отрывки из сего шедевра:

....As organization is a ‘strong situation’, in this case it is dominated by poor performance role models that trigger the rest of employees downgrade their behaviour, as per Social Identity Theory.... Affective Events Theory suggests that in the case of XXX plant workers there can be repeating emotional shocks that may affect their performance.... affective reactions that they create may have a constant and long-term effect on attitudes and productivity intentions.... Due to the tasks performed, teams display low interdependence with the total performance being a sum of the jobs done at each site. Therefore, compensation should be linked to individual performance..... 
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