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Crazy BM's Diary

А снег идет...

В Лондоне - катастрофа вселенского масштаба. Самый сильный снегопад за последние 18 лет. Поэтому сегодня не работает общественный транспорт, включая метро. Дикие иностранцы, которые снега не видели, вчера весь вечер все это фотографировали. Ну и я с ними
Так все начиналось вчера

А сегодня утром меня разбудил визг детей, играющих в снежки под окном:

А потом пришло вот такое письмо из школы:

Despite the severe weather, the School is open today. All degree programme core classes are running this morning with the exception of the Sloan class.

All core MBA classes will run this afternoon. We are in the process of contacting the faculty who are teaching afternoon electives and will let you know if these are going ahead as soon as we have further information.

All evening activity at the School is cancelled as further severe weather is expected. Language classes, core and elective evening classes, and the Career Services’ event have been cancelled.

For those of you on campus today, there will be limited catering available at lunchtime. It is unlikely that there will be catering after 5pm. Please take care and try not to walk between buildings unless absolutely necessary to minimise the possibility of accidents in the snow.

Please also plan for the possibility that the weather may have an adverse affect on transport tomorrow. We will continue to update you throughout the day and tomorrow as necessary.

Почему нельзя ходить между зданиями, я так и не поняла...

А снег так и не прекращается!
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