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Никогда не смотрела на это как на уменьшенное среднее арифметическое, но все равно интуитивно никогда не приводила незначительные достижения, чтобы не размывали картину и не выглядели смешно на фоне - что в принципе та же логика.

During an interview, your potential new boss asks you to briefly describe your qualifications. At this moment, you have a single objective: be impressive. So you begin to rattle off your list of accomplishments: your degrees from Harvard and Yale, your prestigious internships, your intimate knowledge of essential software and statistical analysis. "Oh," you add. "And I took two semesters of Spanish in college." Not technically an impressive accomplishment, but since the company does a lot of business in Latin America, you figure some Spanish is better than none at all.
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