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Как ублажают МВА-студентов

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По стопам




Поскольку мы, бедные, жутко перенапряглись подготовкой к midterm по экономиксу (у меня это заняло часов 7 все вместе, в универе помнится, уходило по 7 дней на подготовку), нам устраивают неделю de-stress. Краткие выдержки из программы: 

Relaxing Massage Session
“Beauty from the Inside Out” a taster session with a Life Coach and Make-Over Specialist

2 Massage Therapists

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in A101

Chocolate indulgence extravaganza A102

Park Restaurant the best of British puddings for an all inclusive price of £5.00 

Bramley Apple Pie with rich custard sauce.

2 Massage Therapists

Movies & Popcorn Room A101

Chill Out Room with stand up comedy A102


Park Restaurant presents Chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce


MBAR presents 50 % off any tea from the Lipton Cha range.

Loaded Jackets with special be good to yourself topping comes with a free side salad

Prawn and avocado in light yoghurt dressing

MBAR presents FREE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN 10.30 – 11.00 and 15.00 – 15.30.

Chocolate and sticks provided along with dipping treats including fruit & marshmallows.


MBAR presents: Cake & coffee 10.00 – 11.00 made by our pasty chef Felicity

Carrot cake

Coffee and walnut 

Double Chocolate

Slice of cake served with a latté, cappuccino or Americano coffee

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